Monday, May 9, 2016

slither io Unlocked Game

Play Game Online at and always happy while playing this awesome game. Slitherio Online is basically one of the viral plus mass Multiplayer game that is very much same to Slither is basically A combination of TRON,Snake and with Many Additional Features.What you need to do is simply type your Snake username and start by just enter in this game and start increasing with the pessage of time.Right now Millions of player always are already playing this awesome game. The key to success in this game is to keep and eye on other snakes and dont touch them otherwise you will lose chance and eat whenever you will find any dot. Try to Move right left up and dow your snake with mouse and press click to increase your speed. This classic game is  available for school kids or children at over Slitherio Private Server.You will definitely enjoy this version of slitherio game because it is outstanding  ideas combo from Agario and other snake games. is a the only website which is totally dedicated to this game.

What is Slitherio? 

This game come up with unique idea in which you need to eat as much as dot as possible because there are other snakes roaming in this arena so one snake which eat lot of dots will definitely grow bigger and chance to success in the game

Slitherio Unblocked unlocked purpose is to unleash this game at school level because kids are bor during break timings so this will unblock. So normally in schools this game is block so we will give you the chance to unblock this game during your free period and break timings . Just Bookmark this site and start enjoying the game without any limitation. Private Server

Game Mechanics of Slitherio So how to play on private server ? Basically what you need to follow is the basic and simple rule. First you need to enter with the name and once you enter your name then you have to play with tactic like don't hit other snake or in any case don't touch and eat as much as possible dots to grow larger

Tips and Tricks

Below are the Few Tips and Tricks for  Slitherio.
  • Try to eat as much as possible dots on the board so it will help you to increase the size your snake and life but at the same time watch closely what other snakes are doing simply stay away from them initially.
  • Try to offer some cover but again follow rule no 1 dont hit your snake head to other snake body
  • Increase your speed with double left click in case any snake follow you but this will applicable for small snakes not for larger
  • The best technique to grow larger at once is that just move with any giant snake and try to find or reach his head. 


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